Upcoming Service Weekend, May 26th, with Rev. Daniel Costley

Service, Sunday May 26, 10.30 am


Workshop, Saturday May 25, TBD

“Singing Meditation”

President’s April / May Letter

A recent article in the New York times noted how many of us are suffering from an overabundance of stuff. Rather than feeling gratified by more and more stuff, we feel overwhelmed by the need to manage it. Living in an apartment with a husband, three children and a cat, this really hit home for me.

One of the reasons we’ve ended up with more stuff than we need is partly due to the fact that we live in a society that praises consumption. Shopping and consuming have been elevated to the rank of past time!

I’ve decided to tackle our stuff problem with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, to wait at least 48 hours before purchasing something I think we “need”. The 48-hour delay gives me time to decide if it is something we really need, and to figure out if we don’t already own something that might serve the same purpose. It also gives me a chance to look at my motivations for purchasing. More often than not, I’ve started to forgo the purchase. This also applies to “free” things. Do we really need to bring home the crayons from the restaurant or the shampoo from the hotel just because they are free? The other part of the approach, is to try and get rid of stuff. Parting with things isn’t always easy, especially if they are things that can still be used (even if we never use them). But, I now realize that it is much easier to get rid of things if I know that what I am getting rid of will be put to good use and therefore I can even look at it as a social action.

This is where La Maison Verte comes in. They run a clothing bank for the needy so knowing this makes it easier and more motivating for all of us to go through our closets and remove all of the clothes that no longer fit or we no longer wear. Because they are going to a good cause, we are more willing to part with things.

Hearing that La Maison Verte is unable to meet demand at the clothing bank, especially for men’s and children’s clothing has motivated me to organise a clothing drive. Therefore, I urge you all to bring any clothing you have that is clean and in good condition to our next service at La Maison Verte. If you are unable to come to the service but have clothes to donate, please contact me at president@uufp.info to organize a time you can drop them off at my home in the 17th prior to the service.

Happy spring cleaning for a cause!

- Claire